C.J. Robinson is an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator based in Brooklyn.

GQ Illustration "Frank Ocean Is Finally Throwing His Hat Into the Ring"
STUDIO by Brandon Blackwood
The Quintessential Gentleman: ‘The Chi’: An Ode To The Beauty Of Black Men’s Complexities
BEAM: Dear Black men, Dear non-binary & Gender Fluid Folks
GQ Illustration "An Alarming Decline in Sperm Quality Could Threaten the Future of the Human Race"
GQ Illustration: "Hip-Hop Loves Cash App, and That Might Be Why Jack Dorsey Bought Tidal"
Brandon Blackwood Spring Catalogue 2024
GQ Illustration: "No, an Art Prankster Isn’t Responsible for the CIA Redesign"
Brandon Blackwood Fall Catalogue 2022
Brandon Blackwood Spring Vault 23' Catalogue
Esquire Illustration : "Taking Shape"
Brandon Blackwood: Wild Posting Advertisements
GQ Illustration: " Welcome to "Cold Hawaii," Denmark's Unlikely Surf Town"
The Tenth x IMFC : Project Trade Show Series
Esquire Illustration "F*** your Burrata"
GQ Illustration: "Bloomberg’s Half-Hearted Stop-and-Frisk Apology Papers Over His Legacy as Mayor"
GQ Illustration: "Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Dating Someone Tall?"
Esquire Big Black Book: "Grin for the Win"
Esquire Illustration: "Post No Evil"
Esquire Illustration: "Take Back the Stream"
Esquire Illustration: "How to be nice online"
Pitchfork Illustration : How to Throw an Online Dance Party, According to Pro DJs
Better Off Friends x Blind Barber
Hypocrites Anonymous
Brandon Blackwood x Stacey Abrams
Esquire Illustration : "High Dining"
Brandon Blackwood Fall Campaign 2022 Wild Postings
Team Epiphany Times
The Quintessential Gentleman : DC Young Fly
Britton & the Sting: Sunlight Service
Brandon Blackwood Metal Trunk Ads
Resurrection Poster
NBC News Illustration : Coronavirus and Zoom have marked a generation. Let's call them Zoomers.
Atlanta Black Theater Festival
Esquire Editorial Design
Native Son 101 list 2021
Slaya: Street Style Magazine
The Woke
One For You
Yippees Cereal n' Cream
Brandon Blackwood Black Friday Sale Ads
Xorb: Trash Bin Moisture Absorber
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