C.J. Robinson is an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator based in Brooklyn.

GQ Illustration "Frank Ocean Is Finally Throwing His Hat Into the Ring"
GQ Illustration: "Bloomberg’s Half-Hearted Stop-and-Frisk Apology Papers Over His Legacy as Mayor"
GQ Illustration "An Alarming Decline in Sperm Quality Could Threaten the Future of the Human Race"
GQ Illustration: "Hip-Hop Loves Cash App, and That Might Be Why Jack Dorsey Bought Tidal"
GQ Illustration: "No, an Art Prankster Isn’t Responsible for the CIA Redesign"
The Quintessential Gentleman: ‘The Chi’: An Ode To The Beauty Of Black Men’s Complexities
The Tenth x IMFC : Project Trade Show Series
GQ Illustration: " Welcome to "Cold Hawaii," Denmark's Unlikely Surf Town"
Brandon Blackwood: Wild Posting Advertisements
Esquire Illustration : "Taking Shape"
Esquire Illustration "F*** your Burrata"
Brandon Blackwood Spring Vault 23' Catalogue
GQ Illustration: "Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Dating Someone Tall?"
Esquire Big Black Book: "Grin for the Win"
Esquire Illustration: "Post No Evil"
Esquire Illustration: "Take Back the Stream"
Esquire Illustration: "How to be nice online"
Pitchfork Illustration : How to Throw an Online Dance Party, According to Pro DJs
Better Off Friends x Blind Barber
Hypocrites Anonymous
Brandon Blackwood x Stacey Abrams
Esquire Illustration : "High Dining"
Team Epiphany Times
The Quintessential Gentleman : DC Young Fly
Britton & the Sting: Sunlight Service
BEAM: Dear Black men, Dear non-binary & Gender Fluid Folks
Resurrection Poster
NBC News Illustration : Coronavirus and Zoom have marked a generation. Let's call them Zoomers.
Atlanta Black Theater Festival
Native Son 101 list 2021
Esquire Editorial Design
Slaya: Street Style Magazine
The Woke
One For You
Yippees Cereal n' Cream
Xorb: Trash Bin Moisture Absorber
Twill Denim Wash & Refresh
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